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Loaf descriptions:


- Country Sourdough

My signature sourdough loaf made with a combination of freshly stone-ground whole-wheat, whole-spelt, whole-rye and white wheat flour. The loaves are baked in a stone-lined oven and have a deep rustic crust and a soft creamy crumb.


- Seeded Rye

A sourdough loaf made with 50% freshly milled whole-rye and 50% white wheat. Contains anise, fennel and caraway seeds, orange zest, and some molasses for a rich depth of flavor. Similar to a Swedish style rye bread.

- Seeded 100% Wholewheat Sourdough (pan loaf)

This loaf is made with 100% home milled wholegrains (all wholegrains I use are freshly milled the day before the bread is made), flax seeds, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, and sunflower seeds. Also contains a touch of extra virgin olive oil. A healthy, wholesome loaf!


- 100% Wholegrain Spelt loaf (pan loaf)

Made with 100% freshly milled spelt, which is an ancient grain that is easier to digest than wheat. This pan loaf is made with a touch of maple syrup for a hint of sweetness, and some olive oil to help maintain a soft texture. 

- 100% Wholegrain, Wheat, Kamut & Barley Pan Loaf

This pan loaf is made with 100% home milled wholegrain Wheat and Kamut (all wholegrains I use are freshly milled the day before the bread is made). It also contains whole boiled barley which adds texture and moisture, as well as a splash of honey and extra virgin olive oil. This is one of my favourite wholegrain loaves. It's a hefty, healthy, and wholesome loaf! 


- Seeded Tahini (pan loaf)

 Made with aromatic tahini made from roasted organic sesame seeds, this loaf has a wonderfully nutty flavor and soft chewy crumb. It is also packed full of tasty and nutritious seeds including flax, chia, poppy, quinoa, sunflower, and pumpkin. Made with white wheat and freshly milled wholegrains (wheat, spelt and rye). 


- Honey Oat and Spelt Pan loaf

This loaf contains cooked oatmeal which gives the bread a very soft and bouncy texture that keeps that way for a good few days due to the added moisture. Due to the extended fermentation time it has distinct sour notes. Made with white wheat, freshly milled spelt and whole oats, and a touch of buckwheat honey.


- Multigrain Sandwich Loaf (pan loaf)

A soft pan loaf made with a base of white wheat, freshly milled whole-wheat and whole spelt combined with a blend of 9 cracked cereal grains. Contains a touch of honey for a hint of sweetness and some coconut oil for tenderness. The loaf has a pleasant sourness and cuts into slices perfect for sandwiches.

- Leek & Turmeric Sourdough

Turmeric is a culinary spice closely related to ginger and is prized for its warming and healing, anti-inflammatory powers and it's chief active component, curcumin, has been shown to be an effective preventative for many diseases. But as well as it's impressive healing properties turmeric is well known for it's bright yellow color. Together with sauteed leeks, shallots, poppy seeds and flax seeds, each slice of this bread is a burst of sunshine.

- Rosemary Raisin Sourdough

Combining rosemary with something sweet might sound strange but actually works incredibly well. In face one of my favorite flavor combinations is rosemary and chocolate! Rosemary and raisin is a popular Italian combination which makes a bread that is surprisingly versatile, pairingwell with both savory and sweet foods. 

- Date & Walnut Sourdough

Date & Walnut is such an aromatic combination! I find fruit and nut loaves work better as a denser loaf which is what this is, made with a good proportion of freshly milled wholewheat and is lovely toasted and drizzled with a bit of honey. Made with Medjool and Deglet dates.

- Golden Flaxseed Sourdough 

A rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and lignans (an antioxidant that helps to promote hormonal balance), flaxseeds are one of the world’s first cultivated superfoods having been consumed by humans for at least 6,000 years. Soaked flaxseeds can absorb about five times their volume in water, and with almost 50g of flaxseeds per loaf, the crumb of this loaf is super soft, aromatic and nutty, and stays soft for a few days. The nuttiness is enhanced even further by toasting the seeds before they are soaked. If you like the flavor of flaxseeds (aka linseeds) you will be sure to love this loaf! Made with white wheat flour, freshly milled whole-wheat and freshly milled whole-rye. 

- Oatmeal Porridge sourdough

Made with cooked oatmeal, this loaf has a wonderfully soft texture that almost tastes melty once it is reheated (it is lovely toasted with some butter). Due to the additional moisture from the oats it stays moist for longer. Contains some rice milk.

- Chocolate, Fig & Hazelnut Sourdough

This is a unique loaf full of flavor and texture. The sweetness comes from the chocolate chips and black mission figs which pair perfectly with the toasted hazelnuts. The base dough is not sweet but has a rich cacao aroma that comes from two types of cocoa powder and cocoa nibs. It is a sweet loaf but not a dessert loaf and can definitely be enjoyed for breakfast. Made with white wheat and freshly milled wholegrains (wheat, spelt and oats). 


- Potato and Red Onion Sourdough 

This is a wonderful savory loaf that's perfect as an accompaniment to lunch or dinner (goes really well with soup!) but it's not so suitable as a breakfast bread. The potato gives this loaf a soft bouncy texture and the red onion and dill seeds impart a great aroma and depth of flavor. Made with white wheat, wholewheat and whole spelt. 


- Olive & Preserved Lemon Fougasse

A naturally fermented French flat bread made with wheat and freshly milled spelt, full of Castelvetrano olives, preserved lemons and Herbs de Provence, and covered in black and white sesame seeds. Cut into the shape of an ear of wheat, these flat-breads are ideal for tearing and dipping in olive oil. (see 6th picture in gallery)

- Raspberry Chocolate Cookies 

These are soft, chewy vegan cookies combine a rich dark chocolate flavor with the fruity tartness of raspberries, as well as almond notes that come from pieces of marzipan. Studded with chocolate chips and freeze dried raspbarry pieces, they are made with organic raspberries, organic sugar and organic wheat. 

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