August Fri 12th & 26th (Country Loaf)

The country loaf is a classic sourdough loaf made with a combination of stone-ground whole-wheat, whole-spelt, whole-rye and white wheat flour. The loaves are baked in a stone-lined oven and have a deep rustic crust and a soft creamy crumb.

The whole-grain flour I use is grown in California by small farms using regenerative farming methods, and expertly milled by Grist & Toll in Pasadena (LA's first urban flour mill in over 100 years). The rye and spelt are freshly stone-milled at the bakery (please visit my breaducation page for more information on grains and milling). All flour and grain used are organic. The price is $9 per loaf.


Ingredients: Water, Wheat, Spelt, Rye, Sea salt.

Net weight: Approx 1.6lb (720g)


August Fri 12th & 26th (Country Loaf)

  • If you would like to skip a delivery please me me know by 8pm on the preceding Wednesday. Please try to limit cancellations as I will not be able to fill the space in the batch/oven that was reserved for your loaf. If you would like to provide an aternative address for delivery to a friend or neighbor please send it to me by the same time and I will be more than happy to arrange that. 

    Cancellations after 8pm Wednesday cannot be accepted as the process for making your bread will start at that time. 

  • Deliveries are limited to the following zipcodes: 90277, 90278, 90254, 90266 and there is a $2.50 fee per delivery

    If you do not live within these zipcodes your order will not go through. If you live outside of the delivery area and would like to arrange for pick-up I can offer this but on a limited basis due to city regulations regarding vehicular traffic in residential areas. Please get in touch for approval and I will send you the pick up address. If you are picking up on foot/bicycle then no approval needed!