Online Farmer's Market Friday 14th May


Please find below the menu for Friday. Orders will open at 3pm on the preceding Wednesday and orders can be place on this page.


All breads available are listed on the page and if it says it is not available then it means the orders have already been filled.


If you live within my delivery zone I will be delivering your order to encourage social distancing. Please double check your address falls within my delivery zones (see map here). Your order will be delivered between 2-5:30pm on Friday afternoon and will be left on your doorstep unless otherwise specified. Please include any delivery instructions in a note on your order.


*menu may be subject to change.


Friday 14th May

- Country Loaf

- Seeded Rye Loaf

- Roasted Garlic Loaf

- 100% Whole-wheat Pan-loaf

- Olive & Lemon Fougasse

- Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls with pecans (vegan) (1ea)


*all flour and grains used are organically grown.




- Country Sourdough:

My signature sourdough loaf made with a combination of freshly stone-ground whole-wheat (local CA grown wheat), whole-spelt, whole-rye and white wheat flour. The loaves are baked in a stone-lined oven and have a deep rustic crust and a soft creamy crumb. Please note a slight price increase due to an increased cost of locally grown whole-wheat. 


- Seeded Rye

A sourdough loaf made with 50% freshly milled whole-rye and 50% white wheat. Contains anise, fennel and caraway seeds, orange zest, and some molasses for a rich depth of flavor. Similar to a Swedish style rye bread.


- Roasted Garlic Sourdough

Sweet caramelized roasted garlic adds wonderful depth of flavor to this loaf. Roasting the garlic softens the flavor which imparts a mellow smoothness to this loaf which is definitely not overpowering. Any leftover bread makes a brilliant toasted cheese sandwich. Garlic is well known to have many health benefits including boosting the immune system and each of these loaves contains one whole bulb! 


- 100% Whole-wheat Pan-loaf

Made with 100% whole-wheat grown in Pleasant Grove, CA, by small farmers using regenerative farming methods, and expertly freshly milled by Grist & Toll in Pasadena. This is the bread in it's most pure and wholesome form, simply wheat, water, and salt (+ some natural sourdough culture). 


- Olive & Preserved Lemon Fougasse

A naturally fermented French flat bread made with wheat and freshly milled spelt, full of Castelvetrano olives, preserved lemons and Herbs de Provence, and covered in black and white sesame seeds. Cut into the shape of an ear of wheat, these flat-breads are ideal for tearing and dipping in olive oil.


- Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls with pecans 

My aim when coming up with a cinnamon roll formula was to make a type of sweet bread that is still wholesome and that can be enjoyed as a treat without ending up in a sugar coma. For this reason these buns are contain far less sugar than most cinnamon buns out there and are therefore much less sweet, and are made with 40% freshly ground whole-grains. I use brown sugar and molasses instead of white sugar and some chopped dates to add some natural, unrefined sweetness. They are 100% plant based and contains some coconut milk, and are naturally fermented with a sourdough culture. 

Online Farmer's Market Friday 14th May

  • The process of making sourdough starts 2 to 3 days before the bread is baked, so cancellations cannot be accepted.

  • Please double check your address falls within my delivery zones (see map here). Any orders placed for delivery out of my delivery zones without a note will be cancelled and refunded. Please include any specific delivery instructions in a note on your order.
    Your order will be delivered between 1-5:30pm on Friday.